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Monday, 11 June 2018

Egypt National Football Team History

The team historical scene is Cairo International Stadium but as 2012 the team has ever played with home matches in Borg El Arab Stadium of all Alexandria.

Egypt could be by far the most successful domestic team in Africa, with won the Africa Cup of Nations a listing seven days: the inaugural variation in 1957 and on home land in 1959, in addition to the 1986 variant, Burkina Faso in 1998, 2006, Ghana at 2008 along with Angola at 2010 variant. Egypt continues to be high as ninth in the FIFA World Rankings, which makes the team certainly one of just three African American national organizations to go into the planet's top . Despite their commendable Arabian album, Egypt has thus far made just two appearances at the world-cup (at 1934 and 1990), a failure to secure a match on the occasions. The Egypt federal group was the very first African and Middle Eastern group to qualify to the World Cup.

Egypt qualified to its 20 17 Africa Cup of Nations and finally completed Runnersup after dropping to Cameroon at the closing . The championship helped Egypt grow from 60 from December 20-16 to 1-9 in might 20 17 from the FIFA World Rankings.

About October 2017, Egypt qualified to its 2018 worldcup , their very first appearance for 28 decades and next over all.


The very first Egyptian national football team has been included in 1920 to compete at the Summer Olympics at Belgium. The opening game of these effort has been a loss contrary to the Italians. Egypt had emerged in 2 FIFA World Cups plus so they truly are the most prosperous team from the Africa Cup of Nations, winning the contest seven days, with all the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations function as the very recent one.

Egypt first engaged in the very first Africa Cup of Nations championship in 1957. Within their very first match, which had been a semifinal, they faced Sudan, winning two --inch with goals out of Raafat Attia and Ad-Diba, allowing Egypt to play with in their first final. At the ultimate they faced Ethiopia, by which Egypt won 4--0with those aims being played by Ad-Diba, hence making them winners for the very first time at the Africa Cup of Nations. The leading scorer with this tournament has been Ad-Diba out of Egypt with five aims.

Inside their next involvement from the Africa Cup of Nations at 1959, Egypt became winners again. Egypt again has been undefeated within this particular tournament, such as from the last championship in 1957, beating Ethiopia and Sudan.

Their third look, that had been at the 1962 African Cup of Nations, sponsored in Ethiopia, by which Egypt faced Uganda from the semi finals, there have been just four teams in the championship, with a score of two --1 ). Egypt subsequently progressed into the finals, where they faced with the hosts Ethiopia, nevertheless they lost 4--two throughout additional time, hence decreasing their first final from the Africa Cup of Nations, combined side Ethiopia being champions for the first time and being the first state to win it apart than Egypt, that have been winners double.

Their fourth appearance came from 1963 at Ghana. Egypt has been set in Group B with Sudan and also Nigeria, winning Nigeria using a rating of 6--3, however drawing two --two against Sudan. Despite being undefeated at the group point, these were ranked 2nd, supporting Sudan by goal difference. Egypt, as runnersup in Team B, engaged in another place game, playing Ethiopia, winning Ethiopia 3--0.

For that 1965 Africa Cup of Nations, Egypt failed to not qualify for the championship, however they retreated for their diplomatic association with Tunisia, that were all hosts of this championship.

From the 1970 Africa Cup of Nations, hosted in Sudan, Egypt have been at Group B and Ghana, Guinea, and also the Democratic Republic of the Congo, called Congo Kinshasa back afterward. In their opening game, Egypt conquered Guinea with a score of 4--1, by which Ali Abo Greisha played double, Hassan El-Shazly felt once, also Taha Basry additionally scored once throughout that match. Egypt's next match was against Ghana, that finished up to A1 --1 draw, together with Ibrahim Sunday scoring for Ghana and also Bazooka scoring for Egypt. Within their third match in this championship, they faced Congo Kinshasa, by which Egypt won inch --0 with way of a goal in Abo Greisha. Egypt stopped being at first place, hence progressing into the next round, where they faced Sudan. From the match against Sudan, Egypt lost their first match at the Africa Cup of Nations with means of a play of two --inch, together with El-Shazly scoring the equalizer that put Egypt to extratime, before being played by Sudan, thereby eliminating them by playing with the final. Nevertheless, while in the next place game, they gained Ivory Coast using a score of 3--inch, making Egypt become third-place again in this particular tournament.

For its 1972 Africa Cup of Nations, Egypt did not qualify for its very first time in this championship after being expunged by Morocco with an aggregate score of 5.

But, Egypt came back to its 1974 African Cup of Nations, at which these were valued for the very first time. Egypt was powerful, beating Uganda two --inch, Zambia having a score of - and the Ivory Coast with way of a score of two --0. They improved to the Semifinals to play with Zaire. Egypt lost two --3 against Zaire, S O Egypt had to handle Congo for third location.

Egypt defeated Uganda two --inch, however, attracted against Uganda inch --inch and also Ethiopia, additionally 1--1 ). Nevertheless, Egypt progressed into the last round. At the last round, Egypt lost each of their matches. Egypt dropped to Morocco two --1, 4--two against Guinea, also 3--two against Nigeria. But they scored in such 3 games. Here really is actually the very first Africa Cup of Nations championship which Egypt lost 3 successive matches.

Egypt again Didn't be eligible to its 1978 African Cup of Nations at Ghana.
Egypt Re-appeared for its 1980 African Cup of Nations at Nigeria. They gained within their first match from the Ivory Coast two --inch, conquered Tanzania two --inch but lost to the sponsor Nigeria with way of a score of just one 0, scored by Okey Isima. Egypt progressed into the upcoming round that was that the semi finals, to handle Algeria. Egypt lost this match 4--two in penalties, even after drawing on two --two after extra time. For the next place game, Egypt lost to Morocco, which makes Egypt being at the fourth place position.
Egypt withdrew Throughout qualifying for its 1982 Africa Cup of Nations at Libya.

Egypt, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, also To-go , were drawn from Group A. Egypt won against Cameroon Inch --0, that the Ivory Coast 1--two, but attracted with To-go 0. Egypt progressed into the next round, the semifinals, to handle Nigeria. Egypt lost to Nigeria in fines, with the dent from fines being seven --8, later drawing on two --two. For the next place game, Egypt lost 3--inch to Algeria. 

Although Egypt were at fourth place in the preceding championship, it shifted. In their opening match, Egypt lost to Senegal inch --0. But, Egypt went onto win both remaining games at the group stage, together with dozens of two --0 contrary to the Ivory Coast, also two --0 against Mozambique. Egypt were at first place in Group A, also at the semi finals, Egypt won against Morocco inch --0, progressing to the last as the 1962 edition, to play Cameroon, who'd Roger Milla. Egypt won the match 5in penalties, after drawing on --0, thus becoming winners for the 3rd time as the championship from 1959.

From the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations at Morocco, Egypt Weren't as effective than at the 1986 version. Egypt entered this tournament as the present titleholders. They had been also in Group B with Cameroon, Nigeria, also Kenya. Within their match against Cameroonthey shed inch --0 with way of a target in Roger Milla. But they failed to shed against Nigeria and Kenya, since Egypt drew Inch --Inch against Nigeria at Stade Moulay Abdellah at Rabat, also conquered Kenya 3--0, additionally at Stade Moulay Abdellah, together with 2 aims out of Gamal Abdelhamid and a single target in Ayman Younes. Despite, these certainly were also a spot under penetrating the subsequent round, that had been the semi finals.

Egypt failed to not qualify with this particular championship, and they had been set in Group A, Together with Algeria, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast. Egypt lost almost all their group stage matches, thereby making Egypt neglect to acquire a minumum of a single point for its first time at the Africa Cup of Nations. The dozens that the 3--inch conquer into the Ivory Coast, the inch --0 defeat to Nigeria, and also the two --0 defeat into Algeria.

Egypt were put in Group D by Ghana and also Zambia. Within their match against Nigeriathey dropped using a score of just one --0 too. Egypt again neglected to get a least a spot to the 2nd time, being successive, together side losing almost all of their matches at the group stage.

Within their very first match, against Gabon, Egypt won 4--0 goals in Ayman Mansour, Hamza ElGamal , by which they play in that match, also Bashir Abdel Samad, that scored two. In their next match, they brought against Nigeria 0. Egypt were competent to adapt into the following round, that have been the quarter finals, being place in Group B with goal difference, to handle Mali. In this match, Egypt dropped 0to Mali at Stade El Menzah at Tunis, so knocking outside Egypt from the championship.

From the 1996 variant , hosted in South Africa, Egypt engaged in this particular tournament. Egypt were put in Group A together with all the hosts South Africa, Cameroon, and Angola. Within their very first match, Egypt faced Angola, powerful winning two --inch together with 2 goals scored from Ahmed El-Kass. In their next match, nevertheless, Egypt lost two --inch against Cameroon. In their third match, against South Africa, Egypt conquered southafrica 01, with the target from El-Kass. Egypt qualified into the quarterfinals, as runnersup of this bunch, being behind the hosts. From the quarter finals, Egypt were to handle Zambia. Within this match, Egypt lost 1. This expunged Egypt, together with South Africa winning their original name, also as hosts.

Egypt were put in Group D, together with Mozambique, Zambia, and Morocco. Within their very first match, Egypt won Mozambique two --0with the 2 aims from Hossam Hassan. From the match against Zambia, Egypt again won 4--0with the aims being fully a hattrick out of Hassan plus something from Radwan. Within their third match nevertheless, Egypt lost against Morocco, inch --0with the target scored at the 90th minute from Mustapha Hadji. Despite this defeat, the Egypt qualified into the quarterfinals, as runnersup of Team D, plus so they certainly were to confront the Ivory Coast. Within this match, Egypt won 5in penalties, after a0 draw. This left Egypt progress to the semi finals as the 1986 championship. Inside their semi final, Egypt faced the hosts Burkina Faso, by which Egypt conquered Burkina Faso with a score of two --0with the aims performed from Hassan. This left Egypt goto the final as the 1986 championship the exact same championship which has been their very last tournament as winners, to play South Africa. At the ultimate, Egypt were powerful, winning two --0with an objective out of Ahmed Hassan and also a goal in Tarek Mostafa. Egypt won their fourth name simply because they won hosts from the 1986 championship.

This championship had been in Ghana and Nigeria. They have been in Group C together with Senegal, Zambia, and Burkina Faso. In such 3 matches, Egypt won both the three of these. Their game against Zambia has been a two --0 success, per inch --0 success over Senegal, and also a4 --two triumph against Burkina Faso. Together with all these 3 successes, Egypt were also the band leaders and so they progressed into the quarter finals. From the quarterfinals, they lost to Tunisia 01, the target was scored with means of a penalty kick. Egypt were expunged from the championship, by which Cameroon won their 3rd name.

Egypt were put in Group D together with Senegal, Tunisia, and Zambia. In their opening game, Egypt lost 0to Senegal. But, Egypt acquired their 2 remaining set point matches, together with the dozens of just one --0 Tunisia and two --inch against Zambia. Egypt progressed into the quarter finals, as runnersup, with six things, to handle Cameroon. Within this match, being Cameroon vs. Egypt, at the quarter finals, Egypt lost 1--0. This score expunged Egypt. Within this championship, Cameroon won their fourth name, being the next name won .

Egypt qualified into this 2004 Africa Cup of Nations, that has been hosted in Tunisia. Egypt won inch --two against Zimbabwe, lost two --inch to 2 Algeria, and brought 0against Cameroon. Egypt did not qualify to the quarter finals as a result of this Algeria scored a target longer than Egypt, later leveling points and goal difference. Tunisia, the hosts won their first name, beating Morocco at the ultimate.

Even the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations was first hosted in Egypt, which makes Egypt mechanically qualified. From the opening game, Egypt conquered Libya 3--0. From the 2nd game, Egypt attracted 0against Morocco. Nevertheless, within the next match, Egypt won three --inch contrary to the Ivory Coast, ergo earning Egypt whilst the band leader and progressing to the next round, the quarter finals. At the quarter finals period, Egypt faced doctor Congo, by which Egypt won 4--inch, so making Egypt progress to the semi finals. From the Semi Finals, Egypt confronted Senegal. Within this match, Egypt won Senegal two --inch, ergo making Egypt be eligible for the last to handle the Ivory Coast, after playing each other at the group point. At the last game, Egypt attracted 0with an Ivory Coast, sending them to extra time, but the score stayed 0. After a while, the match has been carrying to the punishment shoot out phase. At the punishment shoot out period, Egypt were more successful, winning 4--two contrary to the Ivory Coast, also asserting that their fifth name, function as the next name won as hosts, even the previous time Egypt won the championship earlier it is in 1998.

From the 2008 African Nations Cup at Ghana, Egypt qualified for this particular championship. Egypt beat Cameroon 4--two, won against Libya with a score of 1 --0, however, attracted inch --inch against Zambia. Egypt entered the quarter finals as the band leader. From the quarter final, Egypt faced and be at Angola two --1 ). Subsequently, Egypt progressed to the Semifinals to confront the Ivory Coast. The very last time that they faced each other was at the 2006 final, by which Egypt won the match, asserting their fifth name. From the semi finals, Egypt were more successful, beating Ivory Coast inch --4. Egypt progressed into the finals to confront the Cameroonians. Within this match, Egypt won 0thanks to some goala goal from Mohamed Aboutrika, helping Egypt acquire their first title name. This marked Egypt winning 2 successive Africa Cup of Nations.

Egypt acquired their three group stage matches, hence progressing into the quarter finals, to handle Cameroon. Within this game, Egypt won 3--1 extra time, hence eliminating the Cameroonian team. From the semi finals they faced Algeriain which Egypt won 4--0making Egypt goto the final for the 3rd successive time. At the closing, Egypt confronted Ghana. Within this match, Egypt won inch --0 Ghana, with the goalscorer being Gedo. This led Egypt for their seventh name, win their third successive cup, eventually become the first state to acquire three successive Africa Cup of Nations names, becoming the most prosperous team in this tournament.

But such as its 2012 Africa Cup of Nations at Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, despite the fact that Egypt were the winners, they neglected to be eligible. Additionally they neglected to be eligible for its 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. For the 3rd consecutive time, Egypt did not make up for the Africa Cup of Nations, the amount of time in Equatorial Guinea at 2015.

For that 20 17 Africa Cup of Nations, that goes to be hosted in Gabon, Egypt need to accommodate to input. Within their very first match, against Tanzania, Egypt won three --0. This left Egypt joint band leader by goal difference with Nigeria, together with both states having won their first match. About 4 June 20-16, inside their own qualifying off game against Tanzania, Egypt won two --0 managed to protect their berth from the 20 17 variant of their tournament. This indicated Egypt's come back into your rivalry after 7 years with missed on the last 3 variants.

Back in Gabon, Egypt enrolled A0 draw Mali within their first game in Group D.Successive Inch --0 drops contrary to Uganda along with Ghana watched the Pharaohs adapt to the Quarter Finals as team winners.Egypt faced Morocco at the quarterfinal point, also conquered on their North Africa competitions for first time in 31 years to prepare a semi final conflict with Burkina Faso. \Mohamed Salah's goal from the Stallions was completed with an Aristide Bancé attack nonetheless, veteran goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary stored two spotkicks from the penalty shoot out to get a position in the final because of his team. \ Egypt afterward confronted for the next time in this point Cameroon, trusting for history to repeat itself to get a 8th title. Egypt started the dent before fracture as a result of Arsenal's midfielder Elneny. But, Cameroon stepped up its match in the 2nd half and also Nicolas Nkoulou felt the equalizer until Vincent Aboubakar scored the 2nd goal at the very last minutes. For the 2nd time in its foundation Egypt lost an AFCON final, also for the very first time lost your final for their rival Cameroon.

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